About us

We started life in a Slack community of Product Designers called Triangles, where we created a channel within that for womxn: Triangirls.

Last August, 20 of us met up in a cafe and now we regularly sell out events, and fill the spaces with approximately 150 women/NB. We've held panels, workshops, and fireside chats covering topics such as, imposter syndrome, confidence and public speaking, sexual wellness and mental health, pay negotiation and leadership.

Our previous speakers have included senior folk from Google, Trainline and Product Hunt, Design managers from Monzo, The CTO of Monzo, Zoe Laughlin (of The BBC’s Big LIfe Fix & ITV’s This Morning) as well as people from our community. Having people speak who our audience can relate to is also really important to us.

We're a welcoming and diverse community, aspiring to inspire womxn everywhere.

Meet Anna

Anna believes that each and every one of us has a voice that needs to be heard.

After being exposed to a negative workplace culture early in her career, she decided to focus on encouraging development, diversity and inclusion, by finding others who shared these goals and who wanted to talk about their experiences.

By meeting and starting discussions with people in similar situations, it became clear that conversations led to a collective to desire to encourage and inspire one another towards greater things.

Triangirls is the product of a shared interest in the improvement of every member’s life, both professionally and personally.

Meet Rachael

Rachael is a Product Designer, currently working at Geckoboard. She has six years experience working both in-house and in an agency.

Throughout the majority of her career, she’d grown used to being the only woman in the company. Realising that this was the norm for others too, she wanted to create a space for women to meet and support each other to navigate their careers in tech.

Running Triangirls is a challenge alongside a full-time job, but worth it as we really do have a positive impact on women's lives.

Rachael is happy to share her experiences of running Triangirls at talks, panels or workshops. Contact details below.