The companies we feature are supporters of Triangirls. We've collaborated with them for previous events and have a strong relationship with the team who you'll meet during the hiring process.

They all have inclusive and diverse teams and share Triangirls' values.

Open jobs:

ClearScore is a user-before-profits scale up based in Vauxhall, London. Our team are working to make a real difference to our users’ lives by helping them make better financial decisions. We’re currently hiring a number of engineering roles across Front End, Back End, Full Stack, Test and iOS from mid-level upwards. We’d love to hear from you, even if you’re experience is a little different to what’s on our job descriptions. If you want to chat to us about a role, email

Our design team has been growing for the last three years, and we’re ready to expand further. We want designers who are passionate about solving problems for customers, collaboration, and ultimately designing delightful, usable, and empowering new products across different platforms.

Nice companies to work for:

These companies might not be actively looking for folks, but it's worth reaching out to them.