One year of Triangirls

Two weeks ago we had our birthday celebration and WOW how amazing was that?!

We’re still beaming ear to ear and it was so lovely to celebrate with you all – It's an evening we won't forget!

Though we’ve been a little quiet about how the event went, it’s only down to the fact we wanted to take some time to let all your positive feedback sink in.

Don’t just take our word for it, Liz a member of the Triangirls community gave us this review of the event:

“The Triangirls party was an amazing event! Not only was it a great retrospective of the last year and the events held, but it was also a wonderful reminder of how much these events have helped me and other women in their careers.Though the event was a party, we were still able to focus on developing our career and networks as there were inspiring tech companies such as Pusher, Hired, Deliveroo, Monzo and Intercom all in the same room. By having all these companies in one space it was almost like a mini career fair where we could speak to companies about the roles and opportunities they had - just at this career fair, there was an awesome bar too!Like all the Triangirls events I've been to, the food and drinks were out of this world. We had tasty bao-buns (Including vegan options) pizza, classy cocktails and to top it off ice-cream rolls!It was truly an excellent evening that I really enjoyed, celebrating this amazing community”


📸 Photo credit

Massive thanks to

Raquel Hipólito

for taking these wonderful pics!

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