Burnout - it's not worth it

What we talked about

How to recognise when it’s happening and how to use boundaries and other tools to come through it, avoiding future occurrence.

About the speakers


Burnout and Boundaries

AW will explore Caitlin’s personal experience of burnout, how to recognise when it’s happening to you and how to use boundaries to overcome it. There will also be an optional task designed to empower you to identify and manage burnout yourself in a healthy and proactive way.

Emily Alpert

It's Not Them, It's Me

Ever wondered what Siberian Huskies and 'just saying no' have in common? For one woman, they were her reason and her strategy for overcoming and preventing burnout. With all the pressures in and outside of the office to work harder, work longer hours and just prove yourself, burnout seems inevitable. But against the odds, we do actually have the ability to find work-life balance, we just have to create it.

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