Calling on courage - how to boost your confidence

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Staying in our comfort zone is easy. But something we've found is that great things happen when you force yourself to step outside of it.

About the speakers

Christina Pashialis and Sarah Fox

Stepping Out Your Comfort Zone | BE MORE SHARK (cool-headed, calm and confident)

Christina - The Comfort Zone. It's cosy. It's familiar. It's stress-free. But staying there too long and avoiding goals due to fear can leave you missing out on opportunities to grow in confidence. Over the last few months I've challenged myself to lean into the anxiety that comes with stepping out the comfort zone (particularly when it comes to public speaking!). I'll be sharing the benefits I've found and tips to help you take the leap too. Sarah - Creative work is difficult. You do it because you have to, because you can’t imagine doing anything else, but there is a long (loooooong) period where your taste and ambition are far more advanced than your skill set, and you create a lot of utter sh**e. This is when most people decide to do something else, but the stubborn, hammer headed, determined people carry on, and practice and learn and get more confident. We need to find strength to carry on, and I propose that we look to sharks as inspiration for this.

Camila Diaz

Confidence cardio

Building self-confidence is no different than building physical fitness. For both, You need determination, deliberate practice and consistency. Facing our fears is like doing cardio. It’s extremely challenging, it makes us sweat, it’s painful and we don’t want to do it. Yet, it is incredibly important for our well-being.I believe we should routinely incorporate facing our fears into our lives in order to achieve the emotional strength we long for. In this talk, I will share strategies about how I’ve created opportunities to overcome my own social anxieties and turned facing my fears into a regular habit.

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