Career progression

What we talked about

How to get promoted in-house and then balancing time when you step up to manage people.

About the speakers

Jane Austin

How to get ahead in-house

Many designers want to work in house, designing and building products. However, it takes more than simply being a great designer to succeed when you work in these environments. In this talk, I'll tell you all the non design skills that you rarely get taught and are somehow supposed to pick up along the way. I'm hoping you will leave with a toolkit of ideas that will help you thrive (and maybe even get promoted) at work.

Valeria Adani

How to balance hands-on and hands-off time when you're moving from practitioner to leader

Nobody gets into design to approve timesheets or fight for budgets. But at a certain point, you'll have to ask yourself: how much of my time is on the practice and how much is on management? Do I have to become a manager to be promoted? Am I ok with it? I ask myself these questions quite a lot... and it happened that I just made the biggest leap towards management in my career a few months ago. It’s been an interesting journey and I hope that by sharing my story - you might find some inspiration.

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We are Idean UK, part of Idean global design studio. We build products, services & Beta Businesses – that launch and grow faster, and behave bolder. To do it, we unite smart thinking, brave design, and nimble build. Our approach brings all three together, and the effect is exponential. We like making new friends and getting to know fellow curious minds within the community.

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