Building inclusive teams

What we talked about

For Pride we're celebrating the LGBT+ community with talks on crafting inclusive teams and the importance of using correct pronouns.

About the speakers

Meri Williams

Creating space to be awesome

Bringing agile approaches into how we manage people and lead teams can have wonderful, far-reaching impact. How do we get the most out of these new ways of working and also ensure that we create an inclusive environment where all types of people can be successful? In this session we’ll take a closer look at the science behind great people management, to figure out how to bring these together and craft space for everyone to be awesome.

Daniel Irvine

Building inclusion from the bottom up

Inclusion is something that every team member can help with. This talk is a story about how we built a successful team of developers with inclusion as a core value. It was the developers, not management, who decided to value people before code. That experience has had a lasting impact on my career. I’ll explore the techniques we used and I’ll discuss how I continue to apply what I learned with each of the clients that I work with today.

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