Be kinder to yourself

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Learn how to spot destructive thought patterns, manage anxiety & start being kinder to yourself.

About the speakers

Jo Franchetti

Impostor Syndrome, Perfectionism and Anxiety - Learning to be Kinder to Yourself

Ever felt like everyone knows more than you? Spent hours procrastinating rather than starting or finishing a project? Perfectionism, anxiety & impostor syndrome affect many people in the tech industry. Learn how to spot harmful thought patterns, how to avoid anxious spirals and be kind to yourself!

Lisa Matzi

How self pleasure affects your confidence, relationships and the way you communicate

Only by knowing yourself and what brings you pleasure can you make accurate decisions regarding your (love and sex) life. Working for a sexual well being company and talking to countless womxn about sex and pleasure has taught me a lot about intimacy, boundaries, consent and the importance of not only knowing what you like and dislike but also being able to articulate it. A clarified sense of self is a powerful tool for self love, self actualisation and self acceptance – not only between the sheets.

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